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CircadianMAX ColourMax™

The ultimate biologically optimised LED light source, tuneable from warm night (1880K) for best night time effectiveness, a genuine match for traditional light sources (2200K-4000K), and a high lumen output biologically enriched day whites for maximum daytime effectiveness (7000K). 

The CircadianMAX ColourMAX lighting delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with higher, more efficient (than other tuneable white LEDs), melanopic lumens during the day. During the night, it delivers high efficiency photopic lumens with lower melanopic lumens (than other tuneable white LEDs).

With this option you have access to a colour tuning range of 1800-7000K, RGB and pastels. Available with either wired controls (such as DMX) or Halcyon wireless lighting controls. 

CircadianMAX ColourMAX is available on most of the PhotonStar LED products

Contact our sales team to find out how your project can benefit from CircadianMax ColourMAX lighting.

Chromawhite 2.0 CircadianMAX ColourMAX - Biologically optimised circadian lighting