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ChromaWhite 2.0™


Biologically optimised circadian lighting


ChromaWhite 2.0™ is the most advanced lighting optimised for human biological needs for day and night. 


Our ChromaWhite 2.0™ Circadian light sources change to not only vary the colour and intensity of the light that we see, but also control the amount of blue light throughout the day from a stimulating "biological light" to a restful "biological darkness." The colour tuning range of the ChromaWhite 2.0™ CircadianMAX ColourMAX is 1800K-7000K.


Stimulating Daylight at 6500-7000K

  • 5 channel light sources with added circadian channel
  • Optimised to trigger "daytime" response in the iPRGCs

Stimulating Evening at 1800-2700K

  • Very low levels of blue light
  • Optimised to stimulate "biological darkness"
ChromaWhite 2.0 - biologically optimised circaidan lighting